Campaign for us

Help Canaan Trust to give the homeless a voice.

“We need to raise awareness of homelessness in our communities. Unfortunately so many people only think of homelessness in terms of London or some other big city. Homelessness is alive and well in our local communities and you can help us raise awareness and get the message across.

“Would you be willing to share information about the trust with your friends, work colleagues, or fellow students at school/college/university. Link your Facebook page to ours, link to us on Twitter or link your web site to ours.”

There is surely no-one who would not willingly donate £1 to help the trust in its work with the homeless but so many people do not realise that homelessness is a problem in their community. Once they do, invariably they are willing and happy to donate. Times are hard for everyone but not as hard as for those who are homeless.

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