Leave a Gift in Your Will

You do not have to be rich to leave a legacy in your will to the Canaan Trust

Charitable legacies are the foundation for every charity and are vital in helping us continuing our work. 35% of people say that they would be happy to leave a gift in their will once family and friends have been provided for. Unfortunately only 7% actually do so.

Do something extraordinary and amazing remember the homeless in your will, remember the Canaan Trust.

Different types of legacies

Residuary Gift
A residuary gift is the share of your estate left over once your family and friends has been taken care of. This type of gift is easy to add to an existing will without interfering with any specific sums you may have left to your family or friends. It also has the advantage that it will not be eroded in value by inflation over the years.

Pecuniary Gift
A pecuniary gift is a specified amount of money or monies-worth (i.e. shares) left to the Canaan Trust.
With this type of gift it is important to remember that the value of money changes over the years, and you may need to alter your will periodically to keep up with inflation. You may wish to link the gift to the Retail Price Index which will maintain its real value and prevent it from being eroded by inflation.

A Reversionary Gift
A reversionary gift allows you to leave your estate to your dependents while they are living, but after they pass away it will revert to the Canaan Trust.

Specific Gift
A specific gift is a particular item left to the Canaan Trust, which can be sold to support our work. For example, it could be a house, car, piece of jewellery or an antique item.

In Memory
In memory donations – you may like to specify that if anyone makes a donation in your memory, it should be to support the homeless and be made to the Canaan Trust. We can send you a special form requesting this, which you can then keep with your will.

Please discuss your desires with your solicitor and with your family. It is important that your family is fully aware of your intentions.

Legacy Pledge Form Please click here to download our Legacy Pledge From

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