In Memoriam

Donations made in memory of a loved one are a marvellous way to celebrate their life and values while helping someone else make a positive change in theirs.

You can make a donation In Memory of a loved one by simply instructing your funeral director to make your wishes known to anyone who makes enquiries.
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An online Tribute can be set up in memory of your loved one via the “Much Loved” website. Your family, friends and acquaintances can add their tributes to the Tribute page while making a donation to the Canaan Trust at the same time.

Alternatively you may wish to set up an ‘In Memorial’ fundraising page through our Justgiving website.

Donations ‘In Memory’ can be made by post. Cheques should be made payable to the Canaan Trust.
Please include the name of the person in whose memory the donation has been made.

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