Give a Car

Recycle your old car and raise money for the Canaan Trust.

Giveacar is a social enterprise that the Canaan Trust has partnered with. Giveacar raises money for the Canaan Trust by scrapping or auctioning old vehicles. So now you can raise money for the Canaan Trust while ensuring that your old car is properly recycled to the highest environmental standards.

Giveacar will arrange for the free collection of your vehicle from anywhere in the UK and then, depending on its age and condition, will either send it for eco-friendly scrapping, or sale at a salvage auction. The proceeds will go to the Canaan Trust.

So if you are thinking of getting rid of an old car – or maybe you know someone who is – why not raise money for the Canaan Trust by letting Giveacar take care of everything for you?

Visit the Canaan Trust Giveacar web page for further information


Or telephone 020 0011 1664

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