Gifts in Kind

Food Donations
The Canaan Trust regularly provides food parcels not only to our residents but also to anyone who comes to us seeking our help. The number of food parcels being distributed to non-residents has been rising significantly month on month.

If you are local and would like to make a donation of food to support Canaan Trusts food bank please call 0115 946 4903

White Goods
When clients are ready to move on the Canaan Trust continues to support them as they move into their own tenancies. The project is always searching for clean, serviceable, sound fridges, fridge-freezers, and electric cookers.

If you have any such items which you would like to donate please call 0115 946 4903

The charity is always looking out for clean, good quality second-hand single beds, small sofas, single wardrobes, small tables and chairs.

When clients are ready to move out of the Canaan Trust’s accommodation, the charity then works with local authorities, housing associations, and some private landlords to help them secure their own flat/tenancy. At this stage the trust helps the client turn an empty flat into a home, but to do that requires furniture.

If you have any items of clean and serviceable furniture then the Canaan Trust would like to hear from you. Please call 0115 946 4903. The trust will, when required, look to arrange collection.

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