eBay – donate as you shop

Now you can support the Canaan Trust every time you sell something on eBay.

eBay sellers can donate a proportion of their sale value to the Canaan Trust. The amount donated is entirely up to you.

Register with eBay or log onto your existing account and simply choose to donate a proportion to the Canaan Trust when selling an item.

When you are selling on eBay the beauty of eBay for Charity is that there is something for everyone. You decide exactly what percentage of your final selling price you would like to give to the Canaan Trust and what percentage you would like to retain for yourself.

eBay for Charity listings are the same as any other eBay listing, except for the little blue and yellow eBay for Charity ribbon in the search results panel, together with the Canaan Trust logo and mission statement in the listing. Your listing will be seen in the normal way but it will also get extra visibility through the eBay for Charity pages.

eBay credits
Every time that you list an item for charity you will get a fee credit on your basic insertion and final value fees equal to the percentage you donate. So , for example, if you donate 50% of your selling price to the Canaan Trust, eBay will waive 50% of your fees.

Gift Aid – your eBay for Charity donations can also be given using Gift Aid further enhancing the value to the Canaan Trust.
Ebay for charity

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