Food Parcels – Kings Cupboard

The residents at Canaan Trust often arrive with nothing at all, and may have to wait for up to two weeks before receiving any benefits. Therefore the project has a food bank in order to be able to feed those who come to stay, as well as homeless individuals who come asking for with food, and toiletries. Currently the number of individuals calling at Jordan House requesting such items is constantly increasing.

If you would like to help stock the food bank, please bring any contributions to the office at Jordan House. Or call the office on 0115 946 4903 and arrangements will be made to collect.

The following items are always appreciated:
tinned food including: tuna, baked beans, meatballs, spaghetti Bolognese, chilli con carne, tins of chicken or lamb curry, stew, corned beef, Spam, tinned ham, tinned Fray Bentos meals, thick vegetable or meat based soups (not purely liquid soups), pot noodles, flavoured noodles, tinned potatoes or vegetables, pasta, rice tea bags, coffee, sugar, long life milk.
Any other non-perishable foods.
NB Ring pull cans are especially useful
We can also use the following toiletries: toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel, deodorant, shampoo, razors and shaving foam.

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