Mission Statement

The Canaan Trust, an independent Christian charity, seeks to provide safe, secure, and healthy temporary accommodation for homeless men in the borough of Erewash, in the county of Derbyshire, and its surroundings boroughs.

It is committed to transparency, to fair access, diversity, inclusion as well as fair exit from its services. Key to the trust’s objectives being that each client is empowered and well informed. A client’s independence, individuality and diversity will be fully respected, encouraged and supported. At all times clients are fully consulted on the policies, procedures and day-to-day running of the service.

The trust, through the support it provides, is dedicated to enabling each client to rebuild his life, enjoy, achieving the best he can achieve, to attain economic wellbeing, be healthy, stay safe and in all ways possible make a positive contribution.

Ultimately, it seeks to enable all clients to successfully move on, maintain themselves in a positive independent manner and lead happier lives.

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