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The Trust will be holding its second public SLEEP OUT on Friday 19th April. The Mayor Cllr Jennifer Hulls and our Local M.P Jesica Lee will be 'leading' our SLEEP OUT. The SLEEP OUT will commence at 8pm on the Friday night and end at 7am on the Saturday morning. If you would like to join us and take part please contact the Canaan Trust office either via email or by phone. Email: Tel: 0115 946 4903 All participants must register prior to the event. All are welcome! Join us giving raising public awareness of the reality of local homelessness. It can happen to anyone!

  'Wear a Woolly Hat for the Homeless' Pupils at Sawley Junior School have undertaken a 'non-uniform' day with a difference. The children recently met Freddie, the Homeless Frog mascot from the Canaan Trust (Freddie does not have a pad of his own) at a recent school assembley. Afterwards the children decided to hold a day when they would think about those who were homeless in their community. The children agreed to hold it as a 'non-uniform day' when they would come to school wearing a 'woolly hat' (or any hat). Each child would bring a donation of £1 (or whatever they could afford) to give as their way of helping the work of the Canaan Trust serving the needs of homeless males from the local area. As you can see from the photo the children had a great time while learning of the reality of homelessness in their community - not everyone has a bed to sleep in, nor hot food to look forward to. The children are joined in the photo by Mrs Burton, Headmistress, and Pete Peabody their former Caretaker and now a Volunteer Supported at the Canaan Trust The Trust would like to say a Big 'Thank you' to Mrs Burton, the Headmistress, and all the children and staff of Sawley Junior School for taking part and supporting those who are less fortunate in our community. Freddie would be delighted to visit any school to talk about his life sleeping rough in West Park and his other many friends who have been homeless. Freddie can tell of how he has now found a safe home and all the support he needs here at the Canaan Trust.

  Residents from the Trust have been delighted to volunteer to help the pupils of Stanton Vale Special School, Long Eaton create their own garden. Putting up Fences, creating raised beds, even acquiring some quality top soil to replace the clay in that section of the school grounds. Each week a group from the Trust visit the school and undertake the heavier labour intensive work while the pupils enjoy the planting, the nurturing and the tending to their new plants and seeds.

  You can now help the homeless directly through eBay. If you are planning to sell an item on eBay you can now decide to donate a portion of the sale proceeds to help the work of the Trust with the homeless -10%, 50% or even 100%. The Canaan Trust is now a registered charity with eBay and as such, when you list an Item for sale, you can elect to donate directly to the work of the Trust. The process is simple and direct you need to do nothing other than post your item for sale as a charity item – it will even be given additional special promotion on eBay. See our website ‘Donate Page’ for further details.