Sleep Out 2023

Sleep Out 2022

Friday 14th April 2023
Location: Market Place Long Eaton
Time: Friday 8 pm – Sat 7 am

The Big Erewash Sleep Out is dedicated this year to addressing the needs of Female Homelessness.

We invite you to come and join us on the pavement to Sleep Out in support of every female who is homeless. Female homelessness is invariably ‘Hidden’. Homeless for women is not the same as for men; Women are more vulnerable and at risk! Many women have been physically abused or sexually abused before becoming homeless or whilst being homeless.

Sleep Out Long Eaton


Contact us now and register to take part:

Canaan Trust, 14 Main Street, Long Eaton

Telephone: 0115 946 4903

Sleep out for the homeless

The Annual Sleepout is an essential Public fundraiser for the Trust. In previous years the Sleep Out has helped generate over £15,000 in sponsorship which has helped fund the Trust’s critical services supporting and caring for those who are homeless, in danger of becoming homeless, or in need.

The Trust has missed the benefit of the Sleep Out for the last two years both in terms of charitable donations but also in terms of public engagement with the work of the Trust.

New Female House

This year the Canaan Trust aims to open a new house dedicated to supporting females who are homeless or in need. The property is purchased, and the architect’s plans have planning approval. Now the Trust is focused on raising the balance of the £400,000 plus required to complete the major works. Sleep Out 2023 will hopefully be a huge contributor to this goal.


Please join us!