Female Support House

Female Homeless Is Hidden

Women experiencing homelessness tend to be hidden from view and face different challenges to men in the same position. According to frontline services, women facing homelessness are more likely to have experienced abuse and trauma both before and during homelessness. Women experiencing homelessness are invariably living in a state of survival often in high-risk environment.

The new property will require extensive refurbishment redesigning and fitting out to ensure that it meets health and safety regulations and provides the facilities required to provide a safe and comfortable environment for each unique female to re-build her life. There is a huge amount of work to be undertaken and funds to be raised to enable the Female Project to be operationally launched.

Female Homeless

The Trust is taking this massive challenge on because over many years it has witness the need. The Trust has supported so many females, helping to safeguard them, without being able to offer them a safe and secure place to live while, with support, they ‘Re-Build their Lives’.

So often women experiencing homelessness are living in a state of survival often in high-risk environments where they are frequently subjected to abuse and violence. In the last 10 years the number of women in temporary accommodation has nearly doubled.
There is no female only supported accommodation available for a homeless female. The Trust’s Female House seeks to fill this critical gap in provision.

The new property has cost the Trust £350,000 – being financed by way of a mortgage with the Trust putting down a deposit of £117,000.

No 16 is ideal in that it is located adjacent to the Trust’s Head Office at No 14 (Jordan House). However, the property has stood occupied for many years, and it requires a huge amount of work to create and provide the facilities required to deliver the service and support to our future clients. The property would not meet health & safety standards, nor the critical requirements demanded by a HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) Council Licence.

Architects are currently creating and producing plans to enter a formal Planning Application. In the next few months Quantity Surveyors and Construction Companies will provide an accurate estimation of the costs which will be involved in converting and refurbishing the property. Current guestimates suggest that the potential costs may be in excess of £150,000.

Help Fund Female House

The Trust believes in the POWER OF THE £1

Every individual, every household currently, is experiencing the pressures of the cost of living. For the homeless, vulnerable females the pressure, the isolation, the exposure to abuse and violence is even greater.

The Trust believes that if everyone who hears its Appeal was willing to donate a single £1 then the funding required to deliver the Female House would, collectively, be achieved. If you thought that donating a £1 would help to provide a safe bed for the night for a vulnerable female, would you give that £1? YOUR donation can make a difference!

If everyone who cares, who hears of this Appeal, was able to donate just a pound the Project will succeed. For example, if everyone who shops at a local supermarket donated a single £1 the Trust would have the funds required to deliver the Female House Project!

May we share information about a lovely lady, a senior citizen, who frequently comes to the door of the Trust on Main Street holding a £1 coin in her hand. This kind lady donates her £1 saying that each one will help make a difference! This wise lady is right – her donations do add up, do help make a difference!

Could we ask you to join this wonderful lady by supporting the Trust’s Appeal and help make a difference…

Your £1's will make a difference and help deliver the new female service.

The Canaan Trust relies on your charitable donation and support. Please help us continue to rebuild lives.

Female in need of help

The Trust recognises that YOUR support and the support of everyone across the Community is VITAL enabling the Trust to deliver for all who are in need. Yes, the Trust’s small team of staff are dedicated tirelessly operating 24-7 meeting the need. Financially, however, the Trust is dependent on receiving the funding it requires from charitable fundraising and individual donations. Without the generous support of caring individuals and families, community groups and organisations, societies, schools, church groups, and local businesses (large and small) the Trust would not be there for the homeless, there for those threatened with becoming homeless, or those in dire need and crisis.

Someone must be there for them– someone must care! The holes in the sieve of statutory services continue to increase leaving so many feeling unheard, isolated, and feeling hopeless.

The Trust now needs to make a Special Appeal for financial support to help it deliver the new Female Service. Times are financially tough for everyone. Female Homelessness is increasing – it may not be seen physically ‘on the streets’ as it is invariably ‘hidden’ but is no less real. 62% of homelessness is ‘hidden’.


When the Trust purchased Jordan House (14 Main Street) as the base for Supported Accommodation for Male Homeless in 2004 it was the Board’s desire to find another property which could provide a base from which it could the Trust could equally enable it to provide Supported Accommodation for Females who are homeless.

The purchase of the new house and the development of the property is a huge challenge that the Trust believes it needs to take on so it can safeguard, accommodate and support so many vulnerable hidden homeless females. Prior to the covid pandemic the Trust had looked at a few properties, but none provided the scope for conversion into a facility which would meet the criteria required.

At the end of 2021 No 16 Main Street went on the market in an open internet auction. The Board approached the owners indicating their interest in purchasing the property but reluctance to enter an open auction. Negotiations subsequently led to agreement and in May 2022 the Trust finally purchased the property.

The Board of Trustees are delighted to share that the Trust has completed the purchase of number 16 Main Street.

David Gee, the Chair of Trustees, says, “The purchase of number 16 Main Street brings to fruition many years of longing and praying to secure a suitable property which the Trust could use to provide safe, supported accommodation for females who are homeless.

For the last 10 years the Trust has provided ‘floating support’ to females and families in need but now at last the Trust can extend the 24-7, 365 care and support to females who are homeless, in danger of becoming homeless, who may be isolated or the victim of abuse.”