Food Bank Update

Canaan Trust Food Bank

Any individual or family in need is welcome to come to the Trust to obtain help with food, toiletries or hygiene products. The Trust’s Food Bank is accessible 7 days a weeks from 8am to 8pm – simply come to our offices at 14 Main Street, Long Eaton NG10 1GR.

Individuals and families are struggling with the cost of living crisis. The Trust is here to support everyone providing food and other essential items immediately. More fundamentally, the Trust will support and assist with the potential contributory financial issues relating to rent arrears, other debts, or problems with benefits.

The Trust Food Bank seeks to meet the immediate needs of any individual or family who are in need. Each week the Trust hands out between 80 and 100 Food Parcels. Additionally the Trust provides access to toiletries and hygiene products. On occasions requests as received for emergency support with items for babies, such as nappies and baby formula. The Trust will, within its resources, do everything it can to ensure that everyone is heard and their need addressed.

None of us knows when life will feel so challenging or debilitating. The Trust is here to care and provide support when need is paralysing and isolating. We Care and do not want you to suffer alone. Phone us or come to the door. Help is openly and freely available.

Long Eaton & Sawley Food Bank

The Trust is a close Partner of the Long Eaton & Sawley Food Banks and has worked very closely with them since their own inception.

The Trust can provide electronic vouchers to enable individuals and families to access the Food Bank’s services on a Tuesday, Friday or Saturday (Sawley) morning.

Food Donations

While the Trust will leave no individual or family in need clearly its resources are not limitless. The Trust can only provide food, toiletries, hygiene products, baby essentials because good people from across the Community kindly and generously regularly donate products and funds to support its work.

The kind of food items that are always needed are:

  • Tins of vegetables (potatoes, carrots, peas, sweetcorn, tomatoes)

  • Tins of meat products (chilli, stew, chicken, tuna, corn beef, spam, hot dogs, meat balls)

  • Tins of spaghetti bolognese, curry, spaghetti and macaroni cheese

  • Jars of pasta sauce and curry sauce

  • Packets of cereal, rice, pasta, noodles and biscuits

  • Pots – pot noodles

  • Puddings (tins of rice, fruit cocktail, custard)

Amazon Wish List

The Trust has created an Amazon Wish List if you wish to use such a facility to order a Food Donation on line. Click the button below to view the list.

Since the Trust is open 24-7 the items can be delivered anytime.
You can alternatively go to Amazon Smile and just select “Canaan Trust Wish List”. Amazon Smile will then additionally make a donation to the Trust itself.

Derbyshire Food Banks

There is a Food Bank in most locations across the County. If you know someone in need and are seeking to direct them to their nearest Food Bank we hope that you will find the Derbyshire Food Bank database of assistance. Please click on the link to access the information you need.
Derbyshire Food Bank Database: